'ettomio ensures the best quality and usage experience.

First, the product is designed to perfectly fit every day usage by our little ones and the family around them.

Details make the difference


it has wooden slats, TRUE ONES. (You can lift easily, to clean beneath them.)

It has a pure cotton ceiling, creating a UNIQUE environment for your kid. (The ceiling can also be easily removed to be washed. Nine ribbons tie it to the roof.)

A fence, of the proper height (30 cm), surrounds and PROTECTS the bed on three sides. (So, no further protections are needed to avoid the kid rolling everywhere while sleeping.)

This fence is also a SUPPORT for your kid's first movements and gives a better spacial confidence to him.

We chose SOLID spruce WOOD coming from the Italian Alps for our beds. Every piece of wood is joint to the other with an ARTISANAL method called "dovetail". This traditional way of working the wood gives the bed a special and elegant look and feel and also saves from the usage of glue or screws, that we do not like that much.

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Futon and mattress

It is hand-quilted, with a thick string, also tied BY HAND.

It is padded with 8 layers of UNTREATED COTTON: a perfect support for our kids (and for anyone co-sleeping with them)

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Bed Linen

We carefully select the best fibers for our textiles, because they will caress our kids while sleeping. 

For the bed sheets we chose 100% BIOLOGICAL COTTON and NATURAL HEMP. To make them more precious, a 'ton sur ton' piping: beautiful, soft, salubrious. 

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Every bed can be personalized with LITTLE EXTRA SUPPORT, COLORED CANOPY o il PERSONALIZED COLOR :you chose your bed, we'll prepare it as you wish!


Learning tower

It has been designed to meetCAREFUL PARENTSneeds.

It is particularly STURDY made by 7 kilos of birch wood, 11 layers, top quality.

Its MODERN DESIGN won the Bronze A'Design Award, the most prestigious design contest in the World.

The design of SINGLE DETAILS makes it unique for kids to improve their first movements: the height of the support surface, the little holes and the side craftings are details placed to facilitate and support our little ones in ascent and descent phase.

It is the ONLY Learning Tower TO COLLAPSE in a easy way. Once it is collpsed, it has only 20 centimeters depth.

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