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Tailor-made project

Special projects: that is, made just for you!

The quality of 'ettomio products, revised for your needs

We are proud to present our "tailor-made" service: it often happens that the bed has to fit into a niche, or you need a project that, while maintaining the 'ettomio design and quality, can adapt to your needs in terms of sizes, dimensions and "spaces".

We believe that the quality of a company can also be seen in the service: and we are here also for this!

Our craftsmen are ready to create the perfect project for you and we are here to understand together what your needs are and what is the ideal solution for you!

I wanted a bed with the 'ettomio quality, but my room had very special measures: Paola and her super team were able to satisfy me and now the room is really as I had always dreamed of it!