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learning towers

Montessori learning tower, foldable and collapsible.

Design, solidity and practicality in an “A’Award Design Winner 2019” product, 100% made in Italy.

Products dedicated to children

Children love it

It was designed to allow them to perfect their motor skills.

All the details facilitate grasping and support the child’s autonomy in climbing into and out of the tower.

The free and airy spaces give a sense of freedom, stimulate their desire to grow in a place without constraints.

Parents can no longer do without it

It is a design object that satisfies the tastes of us parents too: it won the bronze medal at the A’ Design Award in 2019.

It is the first and only learning tower that has an easy closing mechanism, without compromising its solidity!

It can be used as a stepladder and stored when not in use. In addition… it can also follow you on holiday because it fits easily in any car!