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Learning Tower Guide

A safe place in which to develop their autonomy.

More involvement in everyday activities.

Autonomy and Safety

A step ladder that protects you.

Children can reach “adult heights”, standing upright, placing their feet on a sturdy surface.


With the Learning Tower children can climb up and down independently, in complete safety and freedom. We know how curious our children are, they love to participate in our activities and want to experiment and have new experiences.

Why choose the Learning Tower

The words of a mother:

Before the Learning Tower, preparing dinner was complex.


My son wanted to see what I was doing but holding him in my arms all the time was impossible and making him stand on a chair didn’t make me feel safe or free to move around the kitchen peacefully.


Now we are able to prepare complex and complete cakes and meals: together or each one doing something different, but in complete tranquillity.


Ask my husband, dinners have definitely changed since we got the Learning Tower!

When would you use it?

... and for how long?

From when the child stands confidently, the ‘ettomio Learning Tower can be used forever.


Thanks to the folding protection bar, it easily transforms into a step ladder and can become a useful tool in the home for everyone.

Adjustable or fixed?

Choose your favourite

The fixed version cannot be adjusted in height, so it is suitable for a slightly shorter period, approximately up to 4 years.


The adjustable version, which can be adjusted in height (by removing the feet), will last longer, and be used up to 6 years and more.

Note: every Ettomio learning tower is foldable!


Step ladder or chair

It can be used as a step ladder and chair thus remaining a useful accessory in the kitchen for as long as you want: a help to get to the highest shelves or an extra chair when needed!


with just one hand!

It is the first and original collapsible learning tower: the folding mechanism for its closure was designed precisely to respond to the needs of modern families: to have a beautiful and safe object, which however can be stored when not in use to leave space and have the house “always” tidy.

Because it is special

Beautiful, practical, handcrafted

It is a product of the Italian artisan genius in which we strongly believe.


It has been imagined, designed, engineered, manufactured, and made entirely in Italy.


It can be taken anywhere: from the kitchen to the bathroom to the window to see dad coming home… and it can also follow you on holiday because it slips easily into any car!


It is a design object that satisfies the tastes of us parents too: it won the bronze medal at the A’Design Award, in the Baby, Children and Kids product category in 2019.


Designed in detail to allow children to perfect their motor skills. From the height of the step, to the handholds in the standing platform, to the structure of on the sides: all details that facilitate grasping and give support to the child’s autonomous ascent and descent.


We ship it preassembled by our carpenter: this is our guarantee of safety and solidity.