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Montessori Queen-size and double beds

Ettone by Ettomio is the bed designed for sleep revolution.

Children will get used to their bed in harmony because they will be able to have mum and dad next to them... and the parents will be able to spend some time (even all night if necessary) with them, comfortable, serene and without back pain :)

Ettone can also be perfect for hosting two brothers/sisters who share a bed in the early years.

Ettone is an evolutionary bed: it was created to be used right away - in the floor-standing version - and can be raised with a structure on feet or a chest of drawers when the time is right.

Choose the size that best suits you: for mattress size 120x200 or 140x200 or 160x200.

A double bed that truly lasts forever!

Ettone House Bed
Montessori house-bed double size
Montessori house-bed double size with side protections

Products dedicated to children

Grows with your child

Each bed is designed to follow the different stages of growth of our children: rom zero to… adulthood!  

A bed that follows them forever, adapting and growing with them.

Solid and well made

Because they are made by the expert hands of our Italian artisans: each bed is built in a workshop in Italy and prepared with care and love, with selected materials and without forgetting even the smallest details.

More space to grow

The dimensions and spaces are designed to give them freedom for independent discovery, without forgetting safety: feeling free and safe in a space encourages their physical and psychological development.

Ettone is the perfect bed to accompany boys and girls to sweet sleep.