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Who we are

‘ettomio was born from the desire to have functional products at home, designed with attention to detail and of high quality.

Our story

“veni a vedele ‘etto mio!”  

This is what Giuliano, my first born son, would say to each little friend that came to visit, whilst playfully leading them to his room.

Through first hand experience I have seen that our little ones are looking for environments that feel safe and their own, whilst leaving them the freedom to explore and fuelling their sense of adventure.

From this experience ‘ettomio was born.

From 2018 to today, we are a passionate team made up of 90% mothers who, in addition to their professional competence, bring passion, love and infinite determination to the ‘ettomio project, leading us to continuous improvement.

“A child is able to do things to the extent that he has the skills”

(Valentina, a mother who chose ‘ettomio, taught us this)

The 'ettomio team

We are passionate and convinced that we can bring about big changes, we are in love and committed because we truly believe in our mission.

We are a group of professionals with a lot of energy and the conviction of innovating the children's furniture market.

We build quality relationships and take care of the entire value chain: from the creation of unique products, to the management of the relationship with our customers, to the attention to the ethics and sustainability of our company.

In short, you can always count on us, Paola, Veronica, Tommaso and Alessia :)

Our philosophy

We want to indulge and promote children’s desire for discovery.

‘Ettomio products have been designed by a mother, Paola, and perfected 

in a collaborative way, with the involvement of working groups made up of parents who share similar values.

We take inspiration from children, their desire to discover and learn.

We develop our designs with the support of experts to create objects that last in time: solid and safe, but also easy to use (and to assemble :) ).

Educating children to be independent, having faith in their abilities, in a serene atmosphere of inclusion and collaboration is a Montessori value that we share as parents and as a company.

Why choose ‘ettomio?

Each ‘ettomio product is handcrafted by expert artisans in Italy. 

This not only guarantees excellence and quality, but also recognises the person who works with love, dedication, care and experience, making each object a unique example.

In every product, the functionality is enhanced by the high quality design and materials, delivering a rewarding experience for both child and adult.

The careful work in the design phase results in the incredible simplicity of use, enriching everyday life. 

Social projects

We have an ongoing, long-term commitment to a number of inclusion projects.

The collaboration with A.Gen.Do makes us proud because we are actively involved in a beautiful project of social inclusion that sees participants in people with Down syndrome and promotes their rights.

Zero Waste, for our planet

A project that allows us to “not throw anything away”.

From the desire to limit waste, Zero Waste was born: the creation of products made with offcuts and scrap materials, both wood and textiles, to limit the impact of our products on our planet.