The artisan throws nothing away

We have embraced the culture of our artisans.

By visiting our artisans we have learned the culture of those who have always worked with raw materials to make their own products. With love and respect for every material, with care and attention to limit its waste.

We decided to give a second life to all the waste from our production process, be it wood or fabric.  

Creativity then did the rest.

Offcuts of wood and scraps of fabric

They become garlands, clothes hooks and building blocks to play with.

‘Ettomio’s “Zero waste” aims to limit the impact of our products on the planet, reducing the waste of unused materials.

In all these products you will find the same care and attention to detail that characterise the ‘ettomio products, respecting our principles of craftsmanship and made in Italy.

Their availability varies over time as it depends on the production of the products from whose scraps they are made. Please do tell us of your interest in one of these products and we will make it for you as soon as possible.