Ettomio products are entirely hand-crafted in Italy, by the best handycraftmans.

This is what makes 'ettomio so special: through the best hands and strongest experience we could bring beatiful, long-lasting, smart and unique products to your home.

From prototyping to final production, every product is designed and revised together with the carpenter or the tailor: they are those putting in the products their attention and care, they are the first to feel so excited when the prototype is realized!

We selected the best craftmans and made up an amazing team, fueled by professionality and passion, respect for tradition and true craftmanship and cooperation

Nicola, wood-professor
(Vicenza, Italy)

Damiano, a wizard with the chisel
(Belluno, Italy)

Silvia, neddle and thread teacher
(Milano, Italy)

Franco, futon's master
(Milano, Italy)