Così faccio io

Our way of putting the child in the center, stimulating them to discover the world around them and to be independent.

We are born in a family

We think of all the families

like us.

I'm Paola and Ettomio was born in 2017 when, pregnant with my second child, I was looking for a solution to "get our bed free".

"etto-mio" (meaning "my-bed") was what Giuliano said when he saw his house-bed (it was the prototype of Ettino and since then he has never left it!)

In the meantime I had other kids, now I am mom of three...

and Ettomio is no longer "just" a house bed, but a young company that believe and work for the future, children and the planet first, working with great attention to sustainability and professional ethics.

Our choices are the way to transfer a culture and an educational model.

Our commitment to “changing the rules of the game

We really believe it.

Buy a bed, a piece of furniture to grow fond, decide for a place that "grows" as the family evolves, is not simply "buying" a bed, a table, a chair... it is deciding to promote a new consumer behavior.

This is a conduct - as opposed to the "disposable" model - that teaches us to value things and take care of them.


Our products are not just configurable according to the needs of every specific interior, yet they can also be transformed over time, following the growth of our children. A circular and sustainable choice.

How do we do it