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Between choice and duty for the future of our children

We at 'ettomio produce furniture for homes lived by children. 

But as we have often been reminded of in recent years, the first place our children will call "home" is our Earth.

We therefore know that the world we will leave them will be the result of today's choices, and that our supply chain, however, generates an impact on the environment. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to make sustainability not just a value of our brand, but a real guiding principle for preserving the future of our children.

An evolving path

The road to sustainability and the spread of a shared environmental culture is not just a point of arrival, rather a constantly evolving process that aims to mitigate the damage of the past and prevent those of the future.

Our decisions, actions and proposals want to reach achievable and improvable goals, thanks to the curiosity that drives us to listen to the new frontiers of science and the precious data it provides us to fight against the climate crisis.

A constant, lasting and shared commitment with our partners: we must act now and continue to act tomorrow to stem and improve our home.

Our strategies to improve our Planet’s Health 

A short - and local - supply chain

In 'ettomio we have decided to reduce the intermediaries of the traditional sales process, placing ourselves in direct relationship and in continuous dialogue between artisans and customers. Our lean supply chain reduces CO2 emissions thanks to our local artisans and producers, carrying out the various processing phases within a few kilometers. A fundamental choice, which rewards even more the value of Made in Italy and local business networks.

Certified materials

Our goal is clear: to progressively commit to using only materials with environmental sustainability certification. Step by step, together with our artisans, we at ‘ettomio are committed to purchasing only FSC-certified wood, OEKO-TEX fabrics, high-quality and rigorously water-based paints. But that's not all: any other process that involves the use of raw materials, such as packaging, uses only recycled and recyclable products.

Products that evolve and adapt over time

In the design phase of each new product, we realized how even small and simple technical and design choices can affect the environmental impact that the product itself will have. For this reason, in ‘ettomio we are dedicated to an enduring research, from design to production, to create evolutionary furnishings and accessories that can grow, transform, be reused from generation to generation, and adapt to the new needs of our children. We design, develop and offer products that will last over time and will be handed down.

Zero waste production

Working alongside our artisans we have learned the culture of those who have always worked with raw materials to obtain their products. We discovered their love and respect for each material, their care and attention in limiting waste. "Zero waste" by 'ettomio aims to reduce the impact of our products on our planet, limiting the waste of unused material. In all these products you will find the same care and attention to detail that characterize the ‘ettomio products, respecting our principles of craftsmanship and Made in Italy.

We produce the necessary

It might seem like an obvious decision, but it often isn't. In ‘ettomio we have decided to produce furniture and accessories that we feel the market is lacking: handcrafted, sustainable, Made in Italy and durable. Our desire is to offer our customers unique solutions, promoting a conscious and necessary purchase, moving away from any approach of fast consumerism.

Zero waste

A project that allows us to “not throw anything away”.

From the desire to limit waste, Zero Waste was born: the creation of products made with offcuts and scrap materials, both wood and textiles, to limit the impact of our products on our planet.