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About us

Così faccio io

Our way of putting the child in the center, stimulating them to discover the world around them and to be independent.

We are born in a family

We think of all the families, 

like us

Through first hand experience we have seen that our little ones are looking for environments that feel safe and their own, whilst leaving them the freedom to explore and fuelling their sense of adventure. 

We make our products with loving care and attention, as though each product were made by you, just for your little boy or girl. 

In the hands of our craftsmen

Each product is made in an Italian artisan workshop.

We create furniture and accessories for children which are designed to stimulate the cognitive abilities of the little ones, allowing autonomous development of both mind and body.

Our products are not just configurable according to the needs of every specific interior, yet they can also be transformed over time, following the growth of our children. A circular and sustainable choice.

How do we do it


A design that meets the real needs of children and that is functional to their growth, developed by a mother supported by many technicians.


FSC wood, ecological cotton and plant based materials: the raw materials used by our artisans.


Thanks to our artisans based in Italy, 'ettomio’s products take shape with great attention to quality, safety and usability.

Packaging and shipping

We use FSC cardboard and recyclable materials for our packages and we make sure to reduce our carbon footprint with a streamlined shipping plan.

Customer service

Paola and the customer care service can be reached at any time, that is how we manage to give a tailored service to every customer.

Ethical, transparent and sustainable supply chain

A Code of Conduct and a call for sustainability which we share with all our stakeholders.

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