Montessori Stool La Taue

Collapsable learning tower

Learning tower, chair and stepladder.

And when you are not using it, into the closet: we have thought of it all :)

La Taue is the first and only learning tower that can be folded with one hand (truly!).

The belly and back protectors are colored (blue or beige) and smooth: a touch of fantasy and an interesting way to discover the range of textures.

La Taue can be used anywhere: from the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the window pane to see if daddy is coming back ... and it can also follow you on vacation because it fits easily into any car!

It is an A'Design Award Winning product, made in Italy by selected artisan companies.

The Taue is in fact made of solid birch wood finished with an EN-71 certified water-based varnish which gives it a "warm white" tone.

Easy to clean, just wipe with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent.

A product that really lasts a long time and is so versatile that it remains in our homes even when the children have grown up.

For us this also means sustainability because it is a purchase that will never be "thrown away" avoiding useless waste.

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