Ettomio collapsable learning tower is a revolution:
safety and freedom meet design and functionality in an unique handcraft.

When kids' will to discover…
…meets a design parents love!
The one and only learning tower you can fold with one hand!

Our learning tower is 100% handmade in Italy, by our carpenters, designed to give an answer to modern parents selecting products for their little ones with fresh design, outstanding functionality and ethical background.

Design, lightness, solidity and versatility.

A unique learning tower!

Kids love it:

  • It has been design to support them in improve their first movements: the height of the support surface, the little holes and the side craftings are details placed to facilitate and support our little ones in ascent and descent phase.
  • Open spaces give a feeling of freedom, stimulating their will to grow up in an environment with no boundaries.
  • Front and back protections bar are coloured: a fancy touch!
  • The foldable protection looks like a toucan's beak: let's see how you kid will see it!

Mama and dad love it:

  • It's a design handcraft that perfectly fits our kitchens or living room. And when guests are coming, you could proudly show it instead of hiding it! (winning Bronze A'Design Award 2018)
  • It's the only learning tower (for real!!) designed with such an easy and quick folding mechanism.
  • You can take it everywhere: the kitchen, the bathroom, the window to check if daddy coming back from work. Every place is perfect to enjoy our learning tower. You can easily take with you in holidays because it can fit most of cars' trunk.
  • It is the outcome of Italian genius and craftmanship, which 'ettomio truly believes in.
  • It was thought, designed and realized completely in Italy