Montessori house-bed


  • Solid wood structure made by high quality spruce
  • Cotton 100% canopy
  • water paint, matt white
  • 100% handcrafted in Italy

'Ettomio montessori bed makes our little ones fall in love at first sight! (and fall asleep easily too!!)

Built following Maria Montessori's principles and designed to ensure the safety of the baby while encouraging their independence by enabling them to climb safely in and out of bed.

'ettomio bed is 100% made in Italy, made by our carpenter and designed by a mum willing to let design meet functionality: a unique bed that makes happy kids and happy families!

The bed is perfectly matching our natural futon (vedi il futon 'ettomio) or to your favourite matress (we reccomend to choose one up to 10-12 centimeters high).

We have two standard sizes:


same size of a classic cot bed: it can host our newborn babies untill they are 4-5 years old .


it is a bit bigger and hosts our children untill they are 6-7 years old.

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Why chooseing Ettomio bed

→ The spruce chosen for 'ettomio grows in the mountains nearby, between the Alps and the pre-Alps, an Italian wood that is as close to the "Km 0" conept as possible. The bed is made from solid spruce, without formaldehyde, painted with a water based varnish, and an anti-yellow treatment that protects the wood's original colour.;

→ The structure of wooden slats can be lifted easily for cleaning purposes;

→ The canopy is made of 100% cotton, tied with nine laces that make it easy to remove for washing.

→ It has a little fence on three out of four sides, designed for our kids security; it is also a good support for their first movements

→ There is freedon and creativity on it: our kids deserve it!

→ It was thought, designed and realized completely in Italy

Artisanal handcraft

Solid spruce wood 

Cotton 100% 

Made in Italy


Montaggio: See instructions  here

Cleaning:the wooden part of the beds can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a neutral detergent; the fabric of the canopy can be machine washed at 40°, can be tumble dried on a delicate programme.


Ninonino: Lunghezza: 130 cm - Larghezza: 67 cm - Altezza: 150 cm

Aande: Lunghezza: 150 cm - Larghezza: 77 cm - Altezza: 150 cm


Il lettino viene confezionato e spedito in due scatole, ciascuna di circa 15kg.

Learning tower La Taue


  • Solid and folding structure: once folded, it can be easily moved and placed anywhere.
  • Material: high quality multilayer birch wood
  • water paint, matt white, coloured front and back protection bars
  • 100% handcrafted in Italy

The unique learning tower you can fold with one hand: you can't do without!

Our learning tower is completely realized in Italy by our carpenters, designed by a mum willing to let design meet functionality.

Design, lightness, solidity and versatility.

Our learning tower will allow you to live amazing moments with your kids.

Your kids will love it because:

  • > It has been designed to support them in improving their first movements: the height of the support surface, the little holes and the side craftings are details placed to facilitate and support our little ones in ascent and descent phase.
  • > Open spaces give a feeling of freedom, stimulating their will to grow up in an environment with no boundaries.
  • > Front and back protections bar are coloured: a fancy touch!
  • > The foldable protection looks like a toucan's beak: let's see how you kid will see it!

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Why choosing 'ettomio learning tower

→ It's a design handcraft that perfectly fits our kitchens or living room. And when guests are coming, you could proudly show it instead of hiding it!

→ It's the only learning tower (for real!!) designed with such an easy and quick folding mechanism.

→ You can take it everywhere: the kitchen, the bathroom, the window to check if daddy coming back from work. Every place is perfect to enjoy our learning tower. You can easily take with you in holidays because it can fit most of cars' trunk.

→ It is the outcome of Italian genius and craftmanship, which 'ettomio truly believes in.

→ It was thought, designed and realized completely in Italy

Artisanal product

Birch wook, 11 layers 

Water paint 

brass bolts 

Made in Italy

Completely designed and realized in Italy


Our learning tower already mounted when shipped

Cleaning: clean with an humid cloth and neutral detergent

Precautions of use

Learning tower can be freely and autonomously used by kids. Nevertheless we suggest the presence of a parents during the usage, to prevent misuse.


Open learnign tower: depth: 40 cm - width: 45 cm - height: 92 cm

Half-folded learnign tower: depth: 28 cm - width: 45 cm - height: 100 cm

Folded learnign tower: depth: 20 cm - width: 45 cm - height: 130 cm


Learning tower is shipped in a box of 8 kilos.

Baby bumper 100% natural...
  • Pure organic cotton

'ettomio baby bumper is the final touch for a soft and cuddly night

 It is design to fit perfectly the 'ettomio Montessori house-bed.

The baby bumper is handmade in Italy with organic cotton. Designed by a mum and realized by wise hand of our tailor. It is cool, it is useful!

Find the one fitting your bed: 120x60 or 140x70 - or "tailored".

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Why choosing 'ettomio

→ Every single piece is made by hand with high quality material, ethic and natural, respecting our environment

→ We care about every detail and we are carefully checking our quality level everyday


100% organic cotton 

Made in Italy


Washing istructions:Dry clean only; gentle dryer.

Extension base for...

Kids grow-up... yet they keep loving their bed!

The "extension-framework" allows to enlarge the "'ettino" by replacing the small base with a bigger one. The house-frame remains as the bed-head... and the bed becomes suitable for adults too!

Replcing the framework-base is extremely easy: take out the small base and secure the new big-one to the house frame.

The mattress is not included. 'ettomio suggests the 100% cotton futon (see the futon)

Handcrafted product

Solid spruce wood



for the 'ettino 120x60

Depth: 130 cm

Lenght: 210 cm

Thickness from the ground: 4 cm

For the 'ettino 140x70

Depth: 150 cm

Lenght: 210 cm

Thickness from the ground: 4 cm

Futon made of ecological...

Dreams spring from smiles and lay on 'ettomio futon's cozy layers of natural cotton.

Our kids deserve a safe and confortable rest.

We believe that a futon is the ideal mattress for our kids' rest.

100% natural cotton, with a soft padding made of pure cotton and a ticking of raw,untreated cotton, hand-quilted.

Futon belongs to Japanese heritage, perfectly interpreting Maria Montessori philosophy: low and accessible, realized with natural materials, cozy and simple.

It's perfect for our kids' rest because of its ergonomics (it adapts to our littleones bodies), breathable, hypoallergenic and with a thermoregulatory behaviour; it can absorbhumidity and keep a natural-human-heat.

Handcrafted in Italy

Our futon are designed to perfectly fit 'ettomio house beds, realized one by one by our tailor Franco, with all his love and passion in his workshop in Milan.

Available in the following sizes 120x60, 140x70, 160x80, 190x80 e 200x120.


Ventilate and turn periodically.

Clean with steam and let dry in the open air.

In case of wet, clean with a humid cloth and natural detergent and let dry in the open air (not under direct solar beams).

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