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Natural, organic fabrics, handmade in Italy. Light colors, soft linens, that guarantee a better quality of sleep.

Bed Linen Pure Canvas Bio


Our canvas bed linen will protect your children's dreams.

This non-treated canvas is perfect for the soft skin of your kids and babies.

It is perfect for the warm season as it keeps body's temperature and let it breath, ensuring a deep and quet rest.

Canvas is also known for the micro-massage it does to the body once it moves.

This fabric is soft, anallergic, breathable and it controls body temperature.

Handmade in Italy

Ettomio bed linen are made by our tailor Silvia, in her workplace in Milan.

Available on every size (if you don't find yours please contact us and we will made them for you).

Maintenance instrucions

Wash at 40° max

Do not blench

Cold Dry

Futon cover made in pure...


The softest night ever!

The towelling cotton , 100% natural and ecological, is soft, transpirant and perfect for covering our futons! (but it fits other mattress too!) 

Handmade in Italy.


Whasing machine 40°

Do not bleach

Dry low temperature

Baby bumper 100% natural...

  • Pure organic cotton

'ettomio baby bumper is the final touch for a soft and cuddly night

 It is design to fit perfectly the 'ettomio Montessori house-bed.

The baby bumper is handmade in Italy with organic cotton. Designed by a mum and realized by wise hand of our tailor. It is cool, it is useful!

Find the one fitting your bed: 120x60 or 140x70 - or "tailored".

----------------- ❤ -----------------

Why choosing 'ettomio

→ Every single piece is made by hand with high quality material, ethic and natural, respecting our environment

→ We care about every detail and we are carefully checking our quality level everyday


100% organic cotton 

Made in Italy


Washing istructions:Dry clean only; gentle dryer.

copy of Under-bed drawer...



  • Water paint
  • Handcrafted entirely in Italy

For customizing your kid's dream bedroom, we can realize our housebed in the colour you like.

How it works:

>contact us for a free consultancy

>choose the housebed you like ('ettino'aande'ettone - 'ettone with legs)

>we will prepare some tests on the colour tonality you have chosen and send samples to you

>once your dream colour is confirmed, we will start realizing you housebed

Please contact 

us in case of any requests

Ecological cotton pillow...


Dreams lean on our pillows!

The ecological cotton is the perfect  material for our baby skin: ahypoallergenic, breathable, ergonomic.

Handmade in Italy

All 'ettomio pillows are made by Franco, our tailor based in Milan.



Washing machine 40° max 

Do not bleanch

Dry low temperature


If necessary remove stain with a damp cloth 

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