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Natural, organic fabrics, handmade in Italy. Light colors, soft linens, that guarantee a better quality of sleep.

Cotton Bedlinen Set

100% organic cotton bedlinen set


100% organic cotton bed linen.

The organic cotton bed linen is natural and genuine, reminiscent of a soft hug.

It is perfect in contact with the delicate skin of our children.

The neutral color goes perfectly with any bedroom..

Its elegant simplicity does not lack attention to detail, such as the tone-on-tone piping on the edge of the flat sheet.

The untreated organic cotton is delicate on children’s skin and is also hypoallergenic, breathable and thermoregulatory . Ideal in any season.


Pure ecological hemp bed linen set


The 100% pure hemp bed linen gently massages your baby's sleep, pampering them while they sleep.

This bed linen set is perfect for maintaining the temperature of our baby's body and ensuring a peaceful sleep.

Hemp is in fact known for its thermoregulatory properties and in addition to being suitable for every season, it creates a pleasant micro-massage on the skin.

Furthermore, as hemp is hypoallergenic, breathable and thermoregulatory, it is particularly suitable in hot seasons.

Available for mattress 120x60, 140x70, 160x80, 190x80, 120x200, 140x200 or custom-made.


Cotton terry cloth pillowcase


Our pillowcase is exceptionally soft.

The untreated natural cotton terry cloth is soft and breathable. In one word: perfect!

We suggest combining it with one of our pillows to protect them and keep them beautiful (our pillows do not have removable covers and some accidents can always happen !!)

The pillowcase, like all 'Ettomio products, is made by a specialist artisan in Italy.


Bed bumper 100% natural cotton (for ETTINO or ETTONE)


The CUCÙ bed bumper is padded with untreated ecological cotton. It is handmade for our standard bed sizes and can also be custom-made.

CUCÙ is truly perfect for protecting our little ones as they move in their sleep.

The bumper was designed by Paola, our founder, based on her experience as a mother, combining style and functionality.

In addition to having a soft untreated natural cotton filling, it has seven or more (depending on the size) ribbons designed to attach it securely to the bed.


Coloured cotton canopy


A touch of colour for your child’s bed

The pure cotton roof perfectly complements the colours of the bedside table and under-bed drawer. Choose your favorite among:

  • Powder pink: perfect tone-on-tone with the powder pink-coloured under-bed drawer and bedside table, but why not also with olive or stone gray.
  • Olive: loved by everyone, young and old, goes perfectly with its corresponding olive of the under-bed drawer and bedside table.
  • Mint: we have nicknamed it "the colour of good humor" look at it and smile! :-) This genderless colour also matches perfectly with the olive coloured under-bed drawer and bedside table and looks good on everyone!
  • Pastel blue: the colour of the very young! When you imagine a baby's room, you immediately think of this blue. We recommend combining it with the blue, stone gray or olive under-bed drawer and bedside table.

Each canopy has nine 100% cotton straps that secure it to the bed frame. So you don't have to reattach it all the time :)


Handcrafted duvet (from October to April)


The PUMOTTO duvet is handmade in the Brescia valleys, with the highest quality raw materials.

Perfect for guaranteeing the ideal body temperature of your child from October until April, when the temperature of the house is between 19 and 21° C.

The padding is made with 95% virgin goose down that has been sterilised and washed to make the duvet hypoallergenic and highly breathable.

The cotton used for the lining has certified beneficial characteristics.

In creating our duvet, all the guidelines for ethical production have been followed (EDFA certificate + Oeko Tex Standard 100).

The choice of top quality raw materials makes PUMOTTO a truly incredible product for its softness, lightness and ability to retain heat whilst still being breathable thus avoiding sweating: we know how much children can suffer from the heat at night ;)


Ecological millet pillow


A natural cuddle

The organic millet pillow is ergonomic and may reduce the possibility of flat head syndrome.

The combination of millet and cotton also makes the pillow hypoallergenic, breathable and thermoregulatory.

The millet absorbs heat, releasing it slowly, and does not trap moisture, resulting in a pillow that is cool in summer and warm in winter.

The millet shells are de-dusted and sanitised.

The millet pillow, like all 'Ettomio products, is handcrafted in Italy.

MATERIAL sanitised and de-dusted Italian millet padding, 100% raw cotton lining
MEASUREMENTS 40x60 (baby), 50x80 (adult)
COLOURS ecru-natural colour
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 40x60cm, thickness 4cm, weight 3kg / 50x80cm, thickness 8cm, weight 6kg
ASSEMBLY not necessary
MAINTENANCE surface clean only, wiping with a damp cloth and neutral detergent
Custom-made available contact us

Pure cotton 100% pillow


Dreams rest on soft pillows, perfect for children!

Our COTTON PILLOW, ideal from 2 years old, is ergonomic and handmade by our specialist artisans in hypoallergenic and breathable organic cotton.

MATERIAL padding in ecological cotton layers, 100% raw cotton lining
MEASUREMENTS 40x60 (child), 50x80 (adult)
COLOURS ecru-natural colour
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 40x60cm, thickness 5cm, weight 1kg / 50x80cm, thickness 7cm, weight 3kg
ASSEMBLY not necessary
MAINTENANCE surface wash only, wiping with a damp cloth and neutral detergent
Custom-made available contact us

Baby nest or reducer in natural spelt husks


The BISSSONE baby nest is a reducer to protect and contain the movements of babies. Like a warm embrace, thanks to the untreated cotton and the spelt husk padding, it accompanies the little ones from birth to their first steps.

In designing "bisssone" we cherished our experience as parents and the need to create a solid but welcoming nest to hold our children. It is also excellent as a support for us adults.

'Bisssone' is in the shape of a candy and the ribbons at the ends have been designed both for closing the pillowcase and for attaching the reducer to the bed when using it as a side panel for the open side.

The combination of spelt and cotton makes the reducer hypoallergenic, anti-mite, breathable and thermoregulatory. The spelt husks absorb heat, releasing it slowly, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.

It is useful as a support for the child both in the bed and in the play area because it is ergonomic and adapts to different uses.

The spelt husks have been de-dusted and sanitised. Spelt comes from Italian crops (mainly from Puglia and Umbria).

U One more information:
Spelt husks consist of 90% silicic acid known for its beneficial properties on the body (from the skin and immune system to the skeletal and muscular system).

MATERIAL sanitised and de-dusted Italian spelt padding, 100% raw cotton lining, ecological cotton pillowcase, with cotton laces
MEASUREMENTS one size only
COLOURS ecru-natural colour
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT 210 cm in length by 15 cm in diameter, weight 7 kg
ASSEMBLY not necessary
MAINTENANCE machine wash the outer cover at 30 °C, dry at low temperatures
Custom-made available contact us

Cotton and stone pine bolster


The bolster cushion helps create a soft "border" to the bed when positioned against the wall. A delicate and fragrant caress.

To ensure your child has a safe and comfortable sleep we have created the ROLL in stone pine and untreated cotton allowing you to make a soft border when the bed is positioned against the wall. It is also perfect as a headboard for our ’aande bed.

The cover, in 100% natural cotton, is completely removable.

Available in 5 colours: Ecrù (natural), Powder pink, Olive, Mint and Light blue which can be matched with the coloured roof of your bed.

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