Baby Nest Bissone

The baby nest or reducer in natural spelt husks and cotton 100%.

The Bissone baby nest is a reducer to protect and contain the movement of babies, during their sleep. Like a warm embrace, thanks to the untreated cotton and the spelt husk padding, it accompanies the little ones from birth to their first steps.

Bissone is in the shape of a candy and the ribbons at the ends have been designed both for closing the pillowcase and for attaching the reducer to the bed.

The combination of spelt and cotton makes the reducer hypoallergenic, anti-mite, breathable and thermoregulatory. The spelt husks absorb heat, releasing it slowly, making it cool in summer and warm in winter.

It is useful as a support for the child both in the bed and in the play area because it is ergonomic and adapts to different uses.

The spelt husks have been de-dusted and sanitised. Spelt comes from Italian crops (mainly from Puglia and Umbria).

Our baby nest is one size: 210 cm length and 15 cm diameter.

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