"U" bracket transformation kit

"U" elements transformation from house to nest

The U-shaped element is for the transformation from the Casetta model to the Nido model

The transformation kit include one U-shaped element that allow you to transform the Ettino and Ettone Casetta model into the Nido model.

Ettino Casetta > becomes Ettino Nido

Ettone Casetta > becomes Ettone Nido with protective headboard

The brackets allow you to fix the short fences to the base of the bed while maintaining the final aesthetic result and the solidity of the bed unchanged.

The U-shaped elements are made by our craftsmen and are water-based painted (EN-71 certified paint) which gives them a natural white shade, like the rest of the bed structure.

Choose size:

60 cm for Ettino size S and Ettone size XL

70 cm for Ettino size M and Ettone size XXL

80 cm for Ettino size L and U and Ettone size XXXL

Note: select a number of U brackets accordingly with the number of fences of your bed.

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