Montessori table, 2-5 years

Multifunctional evolving Montessori table Tablò

Here to you the table you've always dreamed of.

Tablò is unparalleled: with its Nordic design, its certified and sustainable materials, it can be used in a thousand situations, it is versatile, solid, safe, handy, beautiful and ... it grows with our children!

Choose the table in the colour and size you prefer.

The colours of the table top we conceived for Tablò are:

  • natural ash (non-magnetic)
  • mango yellow (non-magnetic)
  • crocodile green (magnetic *)

You can also choose the matching chair straightaway from our catalogue.

Also, you can make the table grow, adding the leg sets of the subsequent measures, buying them just at the right time!

* You read that right. Tablò is magnetic! ... amazing, isn’t it? The coloured table top (crocodile green) features a magnetic surface: this allows you to add magnetic accessories (we have great plans, a few of which are already in the pipeline :)) or to play with magnetic games avoiding a huge mess :)

Tablò also represents a conscious choice for parents who are attentive to environmental issues and waste: it really lasts a long time because it is a table that evolves and easily covers the first 14 years of your children and is made with great environmental awareness, since the chosen materials are certified and sustainable.

Tablò fits the needs of all ages: a creative and multifunctional table that can be used to play, to experiment, to support first school lessons, to study and, from time to time, to also have some friends over for a snack!

What if that was not enough for you? Tablò is a design icon! In fact, it was selected by an international jury and it won the Archiproducts Design Award 2022!

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