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Summer: here you are!

There are those who are full of energy, those who love to laze around, and those who... take the time to...

...shift gears!

For us at Ettomio (and we're sure it's the same for you), summer also means the need to shift gears.

Yes, like you, we are parents, and it's known that in summer, there's a desire and need to organize family rhythms differently.

We've learned to have 8 hands and 4 eyes, but we believe it's a healthy habit to slow down a bit and take some time, even just a few extra hours, for our children, our families, and... ourselves.

And so we would like it to be for our artisans and everyone involved in our small reality: we believe that the value chain also stems from respect for the entire supply chain, and that is why - in addition to fairly compensating everyone who adds value to our products - we strive to preserve their balance, serenity, and harmony.

And it is precisely because we want to allow time to slow down, we want to inform you that during the summer period, we might be a little slower in managing orders.

In a world where we (unfortunately) are used to having everything immediately, we know that allowing a longer order fulfillment time (it could be 2-3 weeks instead of the usual 7 days for standard products) also means asking those who receive it to "be patient" and... trust us 😉

We are sure that you too appreciate a slower pace of life at this time of year, and we assure you that - even with longer times - we will take care of your order as we always have, keeping you updated on shipping and delivery times.

Now... let's enjoy this "slow" summer!