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craftmanship and ethics

Artisans: the backbone of ‘ettomio

For us at ‘ettomio, it all began with artisans. They were the first who listened to our ideas, the first who studied our designs and who gave us invaluable advice on the products that we have developed with their contribution.

The passion of craftsmen for techniques handed down from generation to generation has inspired our production philosophy. They taught us the value of attention in every single production phase and the meaning of the time it takes for each element to be produced at its best.

Made in Italy and craftmanship

In ‘ettomio every furniture or accessory for the spaces of the little ones is the result of the hands of the artisans that make the Italian territory so special. Each of them is a master of Made in Italy in a specific sector, from the processing of solid wood to the sewing of organic and sustainable textiles. They are fundamental links in our process of creating an irreplaceable, environmentally friendly, long lasting and high quality product.

A bridge between artisans and customers

The close link with our artisans, with whom we share quality and ethical standards, makes ‘ettomio a direct bridge between Made in Italy production and the needs of our customers. A direct contact, without intermediaries, which reduces the steps and allows our clients to have a high quality product, at a fair price. An integral control of the supply chain, for a new business model.

An approach based on respect and inclusion

We at ‘ettomio are fully aware of how much the choices of a company can affect daily life and lifestyles, and at the same time how they can be a source of inspiration for other producers. The production of our handcrafted kids furniture is sustainable, transparent and pays extreme attention to the supply chain and the quality of the materials.

It is for this reason that we have specially developed a Code of Conduct, a set of guidelines both for our company and for each employee and partner who directly or indirectly becomes part of our value chain. A series of rules, principles and essential values driving our corporate culture, in a contemporary context. 

Hence, alongside with our partners, we aim to operate in full compliance with domestic and international legislation, regulations and contracts.

Particularly, this involves the compliance with the rules regarding child labor, and the compliance with the specific provisions governing the work of underage, only and exclusively where permitted and within the limits of the law.

Together with our partners, we also strive to ensure that every worker is not only recognized but also guaranteed the enjoyment of the right of association, without any discrimination or exclusion, as well as the right of assembly, to fully express their civil rights.

We are also committed to doing our part within the company as well as with our partners so that discrimination is increasingly eliminated. It is for this reason that we prohibit and demand to prohibit any kind of discrimination inside and outside work based on race, sex, age, citizenship, nationality, sexual and gender orientation, and on any other psychic and physical characteristic.

We engage in small to large actions in order to raise our children in a more egalitarian world.

Thus, we want to ensure that physical and mental abuse, manipulation and violence do not take place within our supply chain, actively promoting a culture of attention to mental health both inside and outside the workplace.

Accordingly, this turns into the guarantee of a remuneration plan in line with national regulations and collective agreements.

Our real commitment

Social inclusion with A.Gen.Do.

The collaboration with A.Gen.Do makes us proud because we are actively involved in a beautiful project of social inclusion that sees participants in people with Down syndrome and promotes their rights.