I have always thought that to make choices as a mum, it is important to understand the needs and messages of my children. I have noticed how important freedom of movement and expression is to kids.

From being tiny, a child is trying to become his or her own person and do things their way, trying to learn by themselves, naturally with the ongoing, but not intrusive, reassurance and support of their parents.

An approach based on trusting the child, of stimulating his independence, typical of the Montessori method, while also desiring a stylish aesthetic and use of natural materials has led me to design some elements of my children's room that, without the need for complete refurbishment and with some common sense, has become a special place for them, where they can live freely in their own world. .

Inside 'Ettomio there is dedication, passion, respect, sharing and... a smile.

These are the driving forces of this project and reflect my approach to life.

ettomio per i bambini


My name is Paola and I am mum to two boys, Giuliano and Marcello, who are two-and-a-half and six months old respectively. During my maternity leave with my second son, I decided to focus my energy on my 'ettomio project... an idea that had been in my head for some time.

Thanks to the collaboration between artisan makers and the knowledge I have gained from my professional experience, I could take the first steps to realising my idea.

ettomio chi sono


I entrusted the project into the hands of an expert carpenter and a great tailor to realise all the components of 'Ettomio. From their know-how, a number of improvements have emerged, that make the product ultra safe and tailored to the needs of a baby.

By their nature, ettomio products are all handcrafted by specialists who show care and passion for detail, making each product unique.

ettomio saper fare