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How high should a children's table be and how to choose it

01 / 02 / 2024

Elisa di Ettomio

Choosing a table for a child is a more important issue than you might normally be led to think. 

From an early age, children use the table for their activities, for their first creative experiments, to learn coloring, writing etc. 

Giving them a stable and durable table top is a choice we would call... smart 🙂 🙂

At Ettomio, we have experienced first on our own homes and families and then by comparison with many other parents, that choosing a table from the start that will last a long time is effective for our children, for us, for our pockets and... for the Planet!

A table is one of the best playmates for our children

Our children spend a lot of time in the company of their table. When they are young they use it to let their imagination run wild, experimenting with many new activities, including games, drawings and crafts. They use it both for their own use and ...misuse :) : the table can become a little house by putting a sheet on it, it becomes a vessel to sail the seas, a bar counter or a table that has been set in a restaurant... 

Starting the primary school, the table is the perfect place to independently organize homework, first crafts (even secret ones!), where to put the album with the first card collection in order!

When they get to middle school, kids need the right study space: they will need to have a large table top for their computers and books.


A kids' table is therefore not just any piece of furniture, but an important part of their lives.

Therefore thoroughly assessing its purchase is, in our opinion, really important.


What are the most important features to consider when choosing the best table? 

First of all, it must ensure a correct and comfortable position during use. A table that is too low or too high can cause back pain and postural problems, ( which is the last thing we want for our children, right?). 

To make a good purchase, we must then consider aspects such as sturdiness, durability and ease of cleaning.

⭐ What is the ideal table height for a kid?

The ideal height of a child's table will obviously vary depending on the size of the child. Therefore, there is no univocal standard for any given age.

Let's say approximately that the ideal height is one that allows the child to keep his forearms extended on the table top, with his elbows at 90 degrees, so that he can maintain a correct posture, avoiding back, neck and vision problems. At the same time, the feet should be able to touch the ground.

 Choosing a model with adjustable legs can be an ideal solution to allow you to adjust it to the children's  height  (who, as we know, grow at the speed of light) and use it for a longer time.

Other factors to consider when choosing a children's table

 When considering the purchase of a children's table, it is also important to take into consideration other elements such as:

  •  ✅ Size of the table: the table should be large enough to accommodate all the materials the child needs and allow him or her to experiment freely; it can also be - especially in the early years - used by several people at the same time: two siblings or cousins, parents together with our children: if we all fit in without elbowing each other, we are better off and more serene :)
  • ✅ Table shape: it is preferable to choose a rectangular or square table, as it provides plenty of working space without in turn taking up too much space in the house 
  • Accessibility: will our babies be left-handed or right-handed? Will they prefer to sit on the longer or shorter side? Choosing a table with "free" access from all sides gives full freedom and flexibility
  • ✅ Table material: the most common materials are wood, metal and plastic. Among them all, wood is the natural material and gives both us and the children a better connection with nature; also, if you choose an FSC wood table, you know it is a sustainable choice.
  • Safety: the table must meet a whole set of safety standards, ranging from sturdiness to the use of strictly non-toxic materials.

Which children's table to choose?

A practical and versatile solution is to choose a developmental table, since it can be adjusted in height as the child grows. This way, you will use it for many years without having to replace it. 

Characteristics of the montessori table

Technically, there is no handbook of Montessori table characteristics, but inspired by Maria Montessori's philosophy, some tables are designed to encourage children's autonomy, neatness and independence. They are made so that even toddlers can access them without help, allowing them to find their way around independently and-thanks in part to the support of containers-keep everything in order.


At 'ettomio, we have been thinking and rethinking about how to create a table that really meets our children's needs, and becomes their faithful companion for play, study (and snacks) for many years. And it is from the direct experience of us as parents that Tablò, a sustainable and functional developmental table, was born. It is also beautiful, :) it won the Archiproducts Design Award in 2022.

Features of the Tablò 'ettomio' table

What makes Tablò such a special table? 


  •  ⭐ It is a multifunctional Montessori table, suitable for little ones from about 2 years of age and perfect in so many different situations: first games, including magnetic ones (yes, some models have magnetic tops for peaceful play without creating too much clutter in the bedroom), snacks with little friends, crafting with paper and colors, and all possible and imaginable activities, including daydreaming. Of course, if the kids are already older, you can buy desk table and chairs 'ettomio directly in the 6+ years or 10+ years versions. 
  • ⭐ Our table is universal. It is not designed only for right-handed people and does not have a unique front-back. This makes it accessible to everyone without distinction. 
  • ⭐ It is very wide, (the top is 90x60cm) so it can accommodate everything you need and also to let several children play together without getting in the way or being somewhat sacrificed in movement. This feature therefore makes it suitable even up to adolescence, when school books will take the space of games.
  • ⭐ Tablò grows along with your child. The basic model is suitable for children up to the age of 5. Then, when the time is right, simply replace the "Small" legs with the "Medium" (from age 6) and "Tall" (from age 10) sizes 
  • ⭐ It is sustainable because it was created by our craftsmen specifically to last for many years, which definitely makes it a conscious choice (less shopping, less waste). It is also made from environmentally friendly materials such as FSC-certified wood and water-based paints. 
  • ⭐ It is a 100% safe table for your children: sturdy and solid, it is made using only totally natural raw materials that are harmless to our children's health. 
  • ⭐ Super easy to clean: the little ones at home are up to a lot, and we know that they often have great painter ambitions (literally!). That's precisely why we wanted Tablò to have a waterproof finish (EN-71 certified, of course, for maximum safety) that makes it resistant not only to the kids' art attacks, but also to dirt and overuse. Plus it's super easy to clean. Just wipe it with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent. 



Well in short, the choice of a children's table is important and should be made based on many aspects to ensure your child's comfortable posture and many years of playing, studying and fantastic projects, experimenting in total safety and freedom.