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At what age to introduce the montessori bed and why

04 / 02 / 2024

Paola di Ettomio

How many people have had the experience of not being able to put their baby to sleep in the crib, ending up with three people in the big bed every night? This is a much more common situation than you think, and you should not feel guilty about it. The problem is, that many children experience the crib as too much separation and constriction which does not promote autonomy. By contrast, the Montessori bed, being low and therefore easily accessible even for toddlers, allows a great deal of freedom of movement. Children thus feel encouraged to climb in and out on their own and explore the space around them, without being oppressed by the crib's too-high sides that inhibit movement and connection with the outside world. This allows them to become more in control of their own space and develop greater independence and self-confidence. 


So it is that, what many consider simply a piece of furniture, and which is often chosen just because it is pretty - or perhaps because it is cheap - can instead, with the right features, give our children an important sense of autonomy and self-confidence. Not to mention, that it allows the creation of a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for the little ones, who will thus be able to sleep in an environment that they perceive as safe and familiar.

Choosing the "right" bed will also make it easier to create good, healthy bedtime routines, allowing babies to fall asleep more peacefully and get a better night's rest. 😴

At what age should the montessori bed be introduced?

There is no specific age for choosing a Montessori bed, although it is the bed that gives the greatest benefits to children at the moment they can get in and out of bed on their own. This is because it is a bed that, inspired by Maria Montessori's philosophy, encourages curiosity and exploration


What do the Montessori method and the Ettomio bed have in common?


Our beds and furniture are inspired by Montessori's philosophy because they allow children, even the youngest, to go up-down and be more independent, and to develop both physically and emotionally. Our beds are in line with Maria Montessori's vision that suggests 'child-friendly furniture.'              

But it is not just that. A child must also feel 'safe' in his or her bed! And that is why we designed the fences and side rails to provide both freedom and restraint of movement during sleep.

We also believe that floor beds make it possible to level out the adult-child relationship which, in this way, can stand without hierarchies.

Since the child has free access to the bed, he/she will be able to move as he/she pleases, to experience every movement, to choose to get out of bed and explore his/her own room: he/she will feel good because will realize that he/she has earned the trust of mom and dad. 

But let's get back to when to choose a Montessori bed: what is the right answer?

We have talked to a lot of parents and have realized that the best time to choose a "floor" bed is right after the crib ("next to me" or some other), so from the age of about 4 months. This happens more for a "technical" reason than anything else: in the first few months, night awakenings are more frequent (for feedings) and so it is also more convenient for parents to have the baby "within reach" :) 

When the awakenings become less intense (and we hope it will be soon!!) that's when it also becomes easier to have the baby a short distance away and put him/her in "his/her" bed, whether it's in the same room as the parents or already in his/her own bedroom. 

 If you are looking for the solution that allows you to have one bed without going through the crib, you should know that the Montessori bed can also be used right away. The important thing is that both parents agree! :)

Sleeping, playing and learning new things while being "on the floor" will help children develop independence, creativity and imagination. There are babies who wake up in the morning and, without even calling their parents' attention, get up and start flipping through a book or playing with their favorite puppet. 

Imagine the incredible surprise for the incredulous mom or dad! That is the wonderful asset of a Montessori piece of furniture: the child gets to know the space around them well, knows what they can do on their own, feels safe, and is given the opportunity to make choices, giving them the chance to avoid some inevitable uprising ... or almost. 😉

How to choose the right montessori bed for you

When choosing a bed, it is important to consider several features, such as sturdiness, safety, materials used, durability, and sustainability. As parents, at 'ettomio, we pay attention to every detail, from the design to the making of each of our furniture and components, so that we can accompany children at every stage of growth, from birth till they become young adults. How? 

  •  ✅ Our Montessori beds are developmental and transformable, so they adapt to the different needs of children and teens as they grow. Each bed is designed so that it can be lifted up by adding a foot frame or by inserting a drawer unit underneath (a pull-out dresser that can also be used as a second pull-out bed!). 
  • ✅ Some sizes (what we call size S, M and L) can even become a "double " bed by simply replacing the base with the large one (transformation kit from Ettino to Ettone) up to becoming a teen bed by removing the fences, or the house structure that will be replaced with a footboard and headboard. The whole thing is possible while keeping the same bed!
  • ✅ They offer the ultimate in sturdiness and durability because they are made by our trusted craftsmen from solid, durable materials and we use only high quality raw materials. 
  • ✅ The 'ettomio beds guarantee total safety for babies: the finishes are naturally rounded and have no edges. You can add protective fences or the side rails “così-no-cado" to protect movement. Last but not least, we use only natural, ecological and non-toxic raw materials, meeting the highest standards for the health and future of our little ones and of the planet.

How to transform the developmental bed depending on the age of the child

Let's see which beds and accessories are suitable for different stages of a child's growth and at what age it may be worth considering making modifications to a Montessori bed.

⭐Baby 0-12 months 

During the first year of life, many parents decide to switch to their first crib. Depending on aesthetic preferences, you can choose a Montessori bed in the shape of a little house, for those who like a cuddly, reassuring look, or the nest model, which, while retaining the protective fences, has a more linear shape. We suggest considering a bed with the protective fences to shield nighttime movements, also adding the "così-no-cado" side rail for the open side (a rail that can be easily removed during the day to make the bed even easier to use, even during play or cuddle hours)

⭐Toddler 1-3 years old 

We suggest keeping the bed on the floor and the protective railings until about age 3. At this stage you can also add accessories such as bumpers and baby nest, pillows, etc. allowed by WHO guidelines from 12 months.

⭐Junior 3-7 years:

So much happens in this age group!!! Babies start kindergarten and learn to stay "inside" the bed even while sleeping. It is then possible to remove the fences and the side rail. It is also time to "give" the children another sign of trust in them by adding a booster (feet or dresser) to have a higher bed.

⭐Kids 6-12 years old

At this stage of growth, children begin to consciously socialize and want to spend more time together with their peers. In addition to regular birthday parties or play-date afternoons, sleepovers are also very fashionable. Why not take advantage of your own Montessori crib to host a friend? In fact, the dresser is designed to accommodate a second mattress. 

⭐Teens 12+ years old.

By 12-14, the kid is feeling older and will most likely no longer want the little house structure. Thanks to the structure we designed, it is possible to replace the little house and fences with the headboard kit, which is perfect for giving a modern, and cool style to the bed!


Still not convinced? :) 


Write to us and let's talk together to choose the right size and model for you.


The Montessori bed is a perfect option for parents who want to encourage their children's independence, curiosity and well-being, but there are so many options, thanks in part to the fact that our beds are fully customizable and configurable.

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