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Futon made of ecological...

Dreams spring from smiles and lay on 'ettomio futon's cozy layers of natural cotton.

Our kids deserve a safe and confortable rest.

We believe that a futon is the ideal mattress for our kids' rest.

100% natural cotton, with a soft padding made of pure cotton and a ticking of raw,untreated cotton, hand-quilted.

Futon belongs to Japanese heritage, perfectly interpreting Maria Montessori philosophy: low and accessible, realized with natural materials, cozy and simple.

It's perfect for our kids' rest because of its ergonomics (it adapts to our littleones bodies), breathable, hypoallergenic and with a thermoregulatory behaviour; it can absorbhumidity and keep a natural-human-heat.

Handcrafted in Italy

Our futon are designed to perfectly fit 'ettomio house beds, realized one by one by our tailor Franco, with all his love and passion in his workshop in Milan.

Available in the following sizes 120x60, 140x70, 160x80, 190x80 e 200x120.


Ventilate and turn periodically.

Clean with steam and let dry in the open air.

In case of wet, clean with a humid cloth and natural detergent and let dry in the open air (not under direct solar beams).

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